Saturday, June 18, 2011

Burnout Paradise : The Ultimate Box PC Review

Burnout Paradise reinvigorated Criterion's ultra-successful smash-up racing series when it launched this time last year on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box brings the series' trademark racing action to the PC for the first time. With solid online and offline play, an almost staggering number of events, and more than 70 vehicles, Ultimate Box is at the front of the PC racer pack.

The amount of variety in the game is huge, and how you approach it is up to you; explore Paradise City's open world at leisure, unlock the 70-plus vehicles one at a time through single-player events, or join other players for races and challenges online. Couple this deep variety with the fact that it's hugely fun, and Burnout Paradise is easy to recommend. In addition to all of the content from the original console game, Ultimate Box also includes all of Burnout Paradise's downloadable content released to date. First up, there's Codename: Cagney, which adds the Stunt Run, Marked Man, and Road Rage modes to online multiplayer. The Bikes pack adds two-wheeled racing and a day/night cycle to the series for the first time. And last, there's Burnout Party, the first paid-for content to hit the game. Burnout Party is a pass-the-controller-style offline party mode for two to eight players and is a fun new way to experience Burnout.

Gameplay options are largely unchanged from the console version and include normal race, Stunt Run, Marked Man, Road Rage, and Burning Route. For those new to the Burnout series, in Stunt Run you chain together drifts, jumps, and boosts to achieve combos; in Road Rage events you need to eliminate opponents by smashing them into traffic or objects; and in Marked Man you have to reach the finish line before your opponents can destroy your car. Burning Route consists of time trials from point to point, and by completing them you'll unlock an upgraded model of your current ride. Unlike in Burnout 3, The crash mode and aftertouch takedowns from Burnout 3 are missing from Paradise, but it does have the Showtime mode, which lets you take control of a wreck through the streets of Paradise City and rack up a damage bill in the process. Showtime mode isn't as strategically crafted as the challenges in Crash mode, but you'll still get to dish out plenty of carnage on unsuspecting traffic.

The biggest new feature this time around is the Burnout Paradise Party Pack, which adds an offline pass-the-controller multiplayer challenge mode for up to eight friends. Once you've set up the number of players and game types, you'll compete in a series of minigames where you earn points for successfully passing a challenge or beating your opponents' scores. The Party Pack offers instant gameplay for when you and your friends don't want to compete in longer, more demanding events, and it consists of three challenge types: stunts, skill, and speed. Stunts are a collection of insane tricks, such as successfully landing a cliff-top jump. Skill challenges include driving into oncoming traffic with boost on for as long as possible. Speed challenges might have you smashing a few billboards and then racing back to the start within a designated time limit. The Party Pack is a great addition that finally brings offline multiplayer to Burnout Paradise.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 (commonly abbreviated to BF2) is a computer game by the Swedish developer Digital Illusions CE (DICE). During development, Trauma Studios contributed to the development of the game after it was acquired by DICE. Battlefield 2 is published by Electronic Arts and is the third full game in the Battlefield series, released on June 21, 2005 in North America for Microsoft Windows. The latest version is v1.50, which was released on September 1, 2009 and added the content of the Euro Force and Armored Fury booster packs, as well as the Highway Tampa and Operation Blue Pearl maps.

Burnout 3 : Takedown

As driving games continue to flood the market, the genre seems to be splintering apart further and further. It used to be easy. Driving games were either attempting to simulate actual driving, or they were eschewing realism in favor of a more accessible, more instantly gratifying game. But now there are even more subsets to choose from. You've got the hardcore simulations that attempt to model cars and driving as accurately as possible. There are the open-road, "choose your own route"-style of racing games, which usually give you an entire city to race in. And, more recently, there are games that focus on the import tuning scene. With all these vastly different styles of driving games to choose from, it might be hard to figure out which type is the right one for you. With the release of Burnout 3: Takedown, developer Criterion Games makes the choice surprisingly easy. Put it this way: Even if driving games aren't normally your thing, Burnout 3 is still right for you. It's that good. It ranks among the best racing games ever made.

Still pictures can't do Burnout 3 justice.
The original Burnout, released back in 2001, was a great arcade-style racing game. It delivered a sense of speed that most games lacked, and it also showcased some pretty spectacular crashes. In fact, the crashes were so cool that they were spun off into their own mode of play in Burnout 2. The crash mode in Burnout 2 was totally separate from the main racing game, but the puzzle-like challenge of wrecking your car in the right spot and at the right time caused the most spectacular, most damaging multicar pileups, which represented an amazing addition to the game. Burnout 3 expertly combines the two main elements of the series while also adding some great, new gameplay modes, a career mode that ties all of these different modes together, good split-screen support, and online play that supports up to six players on the same racetrack. These changes and added features drastically improve a series that was already very impressive.

Burnout 3, like the previous games in the series, is mainly a racing game that rewards you for living dangerously. The game features simple, extremely responsive controls, so you can accelerate, steer, brake (around corners), and boost for a burst of speed. The courses in the game are open-road tracks on winding freeways and city streets, and, naturally, the streets are populated with a good amount of traffic. Driving dangerously comes in the form of driving in the wrong lane, getting close to (but not hitting) other cars, catching air, drifting around turns, and so on. When you pull such risky maneuvers, you're rewarded with boost. But the quickest way to fill your boost meter in a regular race is to make your opponents crash. Takedowns, as you might imagine from the game's subtitle, are a major part of Burnout 3. When you knock another car out, not only is your boost meter filled, but also it's extended up to a maximum of four times its original size. The downside is that you'll expose yourself to some pretty dangerous situations to earn all this boost, and crashing will eliminate much of your boost, chop off one of your bonus meter segments if you have any, and, more than likely, cause you to fall back one or two spots in a race. For an easy-to-play racing game, Burnout 3 actually gives you a lot to consider.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Crysis 2 PC Game

Year 2023. The aliens pick NY Manhattan as the major heart of a new physical attack on our earth. The 25 million people breathing in that region of NewYork between existence and fatality to the alien danger. The next fraction of Crysis, one of the finest shooters of all time is coming to show between 2010 and next year, and we inform you all the necessary thinkgs about this great pc game.
CryTek achieved in 2007 what seemed impossible to convince those skeptics who wrongly believed that his announced Crysis was only a technology demonstration, and they thought they would not find virtues that are playable match its overwhelming visuals.

Reviled by a few for their extraordinary quality graphics and its unusual popularity to be a PC exclusive, Crysis pc game was launched in 2007 as the best example of what the new generation had to offer in terms of action games. And since then his rule has remained unchanged. The critics, revered and honored to Crytek’s new at the time, and crowned German study with this title and the first FarCry as one of the best teams in the development of the action genre.

In PCGameTrek the game was done with a well deserved 9.7 rating, one of the highest we’ve given, “and towered as one of the best FPS game of all time through its full range of single and multiplayer campaign and and thanks also to the best areas of graphics seen to date, with a freedom of action with little precedent in the genre and simply brilliant AI on the highest levels of difficulty.

A second part seemed almost an obligation for the study and its distributors, Electronic Arts, and also seemed logical to extend the range of platforms as though the original Crysis had not worked in the commercial bad, the truth is that those responsible significantly higher than expected. Thus, and seeking to revolutionize not only PC but also Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Cevat Yerli and company are preparing to develop its first sequel, Crysis 2.

“The Big Apple is the pride of the human race,” said a solemn Cevat Yerli, chief author of the study, the Official PlayStation magazine in North America. “If the aliens can destroy New York can also do it with humanity.”
Said and done. The purpose of the alien threat ceases to focus on the fertile tropical jungles of the east and then turns into an attempt to deal the final blow to humanity: Manhattan, among other world capitals. This area of the city of New York is in an extremely precarious state following the offensive, and although not completely ruined the truth is that the results from alien attack can be seen in buildings, driveways, the deserted streets and the different elements of street furniture.
“With the sequel we made a change of scenery than anyone expected, and we’ll see New York has not seen in any other game or movie,” Yerli told the British magazine Edge.

“The world exudes life without you,” says Nathan Camarillo, executive producer of the game. CryTek insists on the possibilities of the city at the time of move, with buildings crumbling to climb, with the city parks and even to go the fetid sewers through which to reach certain points move faster and without attracting attention.
A New Nomad in the Big Apple

If the first part of Crysis PC Game were the special forces soldier Nomad, then no literal in (Warhead) were Psycho: Nanosuit also a carrier of the army so we could be a real war machine with a number of characteristics such as strength, endurance or camouflage things much easier for us.
In Crysis 2 PC Game will also suit, but not because they belong to the army but for you have done to him illegally. In fact the boys have not yet materialized CryTek the hero’s name nor his condition, but have specified that not being a natural creditor of the suit but a kind of trickery, will be pursued by the CrynetOps, super soldiers with special shields that patrol all was devastated areas and, moreover, deserted New York.
Will be possible, therefore, as we get the Nanosuit 2.0, the new method for the backside patearles the aliens who gave so much trouble in the first half. In Crysis 2 PC Game will have four modes to suit, and be free as in the first part to toggle between them. There will be a way of infiltration, another force, one more for the shield and a final that will allow a special viewing of what we have before us to plan our next move with a tactical component that was not in the previous game. But project managers are part of the game is very secret, and only those surface details have leaked.

On the other hand, the boys are very mysterious CryTek with respect to whether Psycho or Nomad made some kind of involvement or, at least cameo in Crysis 2. “There will be an interesting twist to this issue,” the only thing said about it by now a cryptic Yerli.
On what is there is no tracks on the motivation of the aliens when trying to end the human race. The decisive factor was that some consider wrong with the original script, and finished the adventure is that we had no explanation for where they come from or what drives the aliens to take the human race as white. If you are one of those, you know what? Bad news, almost certainly not provide this information in the continuation. “I’m not sure if we could clarify that in the sequel,” said Yerli on this concept into a script for the second part has yet to be finalized. “In fact, answer that question truthfully could be detrimental to the game.”
Catastrophic Beauty
That Crysis remains today, two and a half years after its release, as an exponent chart is something that escapes no one, and it is a major point of attention for those interested in such barren and endless wars between consoles and computers in terms of hardware.
It is on the jump to consoles Cevat Yerli also ruled in mid-2009, making it clear that the trade performance of original Crysis PC Game was not as expected: “It is a matter that goes beyond economics,” said the British half vg247 when asked for the conversion platform characterized by a saga to be PC exclusive. “At the end of the day we have to pay salaries and we have to eat.”
Whenever the leap to the platform is confirmed, come the doubts. Will all versions the same? Those responsible also sent a message of calm on a hypothetical difference between the version of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. “Probably one console is more powerful than the one in the graphics card, while the other is a little harder on the CPU, so it depends on what you’re doing sometimes PlayStation 3 is superior in some things, and Xbox 360 is better in other, “said Yerli the CVG website in due course on the console versions. “However when the game is available for sale will be identical on both platforms.”
This beauty catastrophic of which we speak in terms of art has something to do with the Destroyed Beauty that introduced his memorable Epic Gears of War, ie, getting pictures of unusual beauty with places ruined and destroyed. Crysis 2 will be exemplary in the visual as it was his predecessor, and is that kids not only guarantee CryTek using leading shooters playable, but also cutting-edge aesthetic in graphic displays.
The main responsibility in this regard is the CryEngine 3.0. A new revision of its powerful creation tool that has profound improvements over its predecessor and, above all, a great goal as a primary goal to achieve: to succeed in the console as it did at the time in PC. The platform is now the challenge.

Crysis 2 PC Game will be determined at a time this year or early 2011. It is still unclear. What seems certain is that with him again has an example of first-person shooter quality that embrace with equal emphasis the graphic quality and excellence game play.

Final Fantasy 2011 PC Game

Final Fantasy Versus 13 rotates about Noctis Lucis Caelum, who is the prince and the most recent inheritor to an unidentified empire in which the preceding Crystal is reserved. Because of ever more obvious transformation in difference to adjacent nations, Noctis’ empire has cut off from the exterior World Itself. The PC Game Has Been Said to Initiate at the “clearing” of a long Cold War between Nations that warring these revolve about crystals.
Final Fantasy versus XIII Square-Enix Fabula Nova Crystallis Series Noctis Lucis Caelum Prince Crystal Throne Kingdom Hearts Blood Darker Nations War Creators
Final Fantasy Versus XIII (2011)
A game most of the Final Fantasy series, the FFVXIII is based on the fable of Nova Crystallis that also inspires the Final Fantasy XIII, but it will be the action-oriented.
Platform: PlayStation 3
Genre: Role Playing, Action RPG
Theme: Science Fiction
Developed by: Square Enix
Distributed by: Koch Media